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NOTE: This writing is currently in unpublished state.
  • December 17, 2020 (Updated January 15, 2021)
  • @nick

Ranking The Nine Star Wars Movies (Out Of 10)

Here's my (factually correct) rankings of the nine Star Wars movies in the main canon, with each reciving a score based from 0 to 10. If you disagree with this list (which you're allowed to do), you are wrong.

Episode Episode Name My Ranking (Out Of 10)
Episode I The Phantom Menace 6/10
Episode II The Clone Wars 2/10
Episode III Revenge Of The Sith 8.5/10
Episode IV A New Hope 10/10
Episode V The Empire Strikes Back 11/10
Episode VI Return Of The Jedi 10/10
Episode VII The Force Awakens 6/10
Episode VIII The Last Jedi 0/10 NOT A STAR WARS MOVIE
Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker 0/10 NOT A STAR WARS MOVIE

I'll elaborate more on this later but basically this article exists as a way to vent my frustrations that VIII and IX are terrible catastrophic pieces of garbage. It's the point that "Star Wars" became dead and no longer relevant in culture other than as a way to get a few billion bucks every few years in ticket sales/merchandise for the new ownership company, Disney. Before then the movies actually had meaning (yes, even the prequel trilogy).