• Ruthensmear

    Pat Smear, 1988

    Pat Smear's first solo album released in 1988, after the legendary punk band The Germs disbaned, and before he joined the legendary punk/grunge band Nirvana. It's crazy how little recognition Pat Smear gets.

  • Punk In Drublic

    NOFX, 1994

    A great raunch fast beat punk rock album, but with great story-telling typically not seen in a punk album or any album for that matter (it's not just your average angry punk album).

    Take the song "Lori Meyers" for example. It may seem like just your average raunchy fast-beat punk song at first, but in that 2 minutes is crunched an entire story with 2 characters (the narrator, and his childhood friend Lori Meyers) and a beginning, a middle, and an end, and the end results in the narrator (and thus, you, the listener) being introduced with a different point of view told to him by Lori Meyers from her experience. At no point does it tell you what to think and simply presents the story. This type of story telling all crunched into a 2 minute arch is far better than, and something typically not done in your average song (and very difficult to write well regardless of genre), and is part of the reason why this album really shines.

  • Lifted or The Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground

    Bright Eyes, 2002

    I really like this album and forgot how great it is!

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